Unofficial Newgrounds IRC up and running!

2010-03-22 20:59:32 by Archealor

Hello all. I have cut the nonsense I usually post to bring good news. a couple of my pals, Mich, and Loansindi have gotten an IRC channel up and running! No need for downloading tedious plugins and software, as there is a webpage you can access to connect and chat on! Only type in your desired username, and away you go! MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES FIRST, AS UNNEEDED SPAM IS FROWNED UPON AND WILL RESULT IN A BAN!

Any false impersonations and/or multiple logins from one user WILL BE DEALT WITH (We know who you are!)

Without further ado, here is the link to the webpage!

Newgrounds' IRC!


NOTE: This is a purely "FAN MADE" IRC. It does not affiliate with Newgrounds in any way directly.


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2010-03-22 21:01:51

Discuss it here! irc

Archealor responds:

Already did.


2010-03-22 21:03:39

Or even better loansindi, Discuss it here!

Archealor responds:

That link looks familiar!


2010-03-22 21:05:34

Also, click the ads.

Archealor responds:

Leave that to me!


2010-03-22 21:12:14

It's a great place, you guys should really go check it out.

Archealor responds:

It's fun as hell when you aren't around!